World Premiere

Short films made by the participants of the 1st edition of the Film Workshop (+8 years): “Your first horror scene”, by Kineina [audiovisuals].

Short films made by the participants of the 2nd edition of the Film Workshop (+8 years): “Your first horror scene”, by Kineina [audiovisuals].

Short films made by the participants of the 3rd edition of the Film Workshop (+8 years): “Your first horror scene”, by Kineina [audiovisuals].

Short films made by the participants of the 4th edition of the Film Workshop (+8 years): “Your first horror scene”, by Quim Crusellas, audiovisual producer.

Something is hiding in the closet and won't let you sleep.

A dreadful evil force interrupts a therapy session of a psychologist with a mentally disturbed teenage girl who has a dark and enigmatic past. Having trouble in differentiating reality and hallucination, she is force to listen to the evil force which leads to a chain of unsettling events.

"Burn" is a film essay on body wear and acceleration. Different bodies enter a vicious circle of ill-treatment and madness that will eventually transform the matter in them. Through allegory and visual metaphors, the short aims to show certain ideas such as capitalism, the consumer society, the society of fatigue and other derived concepts. A mix of genres; a kind of body horror with elements of fantasy, including video dance, building the entirety of this film essay. Are you ready to burn?

The action takes place in 1977. A man is driving at night. On the way he spots a young girl walking home, he knocks her down and loads her into the minivan. He comes to the villa and throws the body into a pool with six or seven other breathless victims. The maniac sits down in a chair with the director written on it, a camera around the chair and a camera crew of dead bodies.

Three motley friends, who base their economy on the loot they get by robbing houses, find themselves involved in a frantic race for survival. They hit the wrong house and are faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to release a boy who was being held against his will in one of the rooms of the house. They decide to take it with them and start a winding road back home by car. They stop at a gas station to refuel and a few kilometers later, a strange vehicle begins to chase them. After several attempts he manages to get them off the road. Recovering from the fright, the boy takes advantage of the confusion and flees. The driver of the pursuing vehicle does not give up and does not stop until he achieves his objective: to recover what is his.

A young man with a strange condition lives with his overprotective mother. When a third person comes, life will not be the same.

A lost girl is drawn into the extravagant and frenetic world of show business. She has a single opportunity to prove her worth to the audience and become the star of the night. However, one misstep could lead her to be devoured by the most voracious critics. Will she be able to captivate the spectators and survive one more night?

After inheriting an old mudbrick house in his home village in Eastern Europe, a man returns after spending his whole life in England, only to find out that inhabitants are hiding a dark secret about the pagan Slavic cult and his own past.

14th century, northern Spain. After the shipwreck of the Santa Isabel, the lifeless body of Fray Miguel appears on the shores of San Roque. As night falls, the monks take him back to his old abbey, unaware that his corpse is infected with a creature from the deep sea.

Some people say that you have to be more afraid of the living than the dead... IT'S TRUE!

“The Holy Yield” tells the story of Jeremy, an ambitious construction planner, whose morals will be challenged when he is ordered to build an apartment block over the ruins of an ancient monastery. A gothic eco-drama, the short explores the tension between tradition and modernity with a touch of dark humour.

First episode of the original series The Monsters Kids.

Second episode of the original series The Monsters Kids.

Gus, a drug addict publicist is locked in his bathroom due to a missing knob, which has been temporarily removed for renovations in his new office. During his stay in the bathroom, he cannot take the drugs he is used to, so he turns to cleaning products instead. From this, he invokes an imaginary creature called "The Mop" that, despite his gruesome appearance, will make Gus get out of the bathroom completely cured of his addiction.

A policeman investigates a sordid case of murder and rape. The victims were tortured in an abandoned factory by criminals who are still missing today. One of them has survived, and in the interrogation she has detailed the tortures they both suffered. Listening to her testimony in the privacy of his home, the policeman is shocked by the story.